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photo by Katharina Poos

Out Of Print

"As a whole, the music is reflective and cinematic, conjuring up musical images to accompany one‘s own imagination. Despite the often melancholic moods, the record remains inviting due to its rays of light and synchronized music-making."


Jay Collins, cadence jazz magazin

„Out of Print“ hat eine eigene musikalische Handschrift entwickelt – wiedererkennbar ohne voraussagbar zu sein. Dieses Klaviertrio gehört mit zum Spannendsten, was nicht nur die deutsche Jazzszene aktuell zu bieten hat."


Stefan Herkenrath

For over 20 years, the Berlin Piano Trio has worked together and has produced 5 CDs in their original lineup.

In 2018 the Band recorded their latest Album „Neuköllner Chromatik“, which sets foot on a new path again - this time pure piano trio music.

The Trios’ music forms a delicate sound cosmos, constantly looking for new forms of expression. This sound is refined with a consistency that isn’t guided by temporary trends, but relies on individuality and maturity.

In 2016 with the Collaboration of german Goethe-Institut „out of print“ was again, like in 2000 and 2013, guest in Colombia and Ecuador.


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Composers' Orchestra Berlin

"Gewiss kein Allerweltsensemble ist das Composers‘ Orchestra Berlin (COB): Dem gemeinsamen Nenner entsprechend sind die Mitglieder des Großklangkörpers unter dem Zepter der britischen Jazzmusikerin Hazel Leach (Flöte) zugleich auch Komponisten."


Stefan Uhrmacher

Dirk Strakhof Solo

Double Bass, Loop, Electronics

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wüstenfuchsDirk Strakhof Solo
00:00 / 05:50
easeDirk Strakhof Solo
00:00 / 03:41
00:00 / 04:54

"verfremdete Soundmixturen, gekoppelt mit Laptop-Loop. Elegische Weiten, urbane Sounds, holzige Klänge."

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